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30 Days of Batis 2/40 CF
A Batis adventure and a personal photography scratch book with a creative touch.
Sharing a new post every day for the next 30 days.




Day #31 - back from the carbonite

Toni Ahvenainen

Sony A7III & ZEISS Loxia 2/50 – f/11, 1/100sec, ISO100, raw Photograph by Toni Ahvenainen

Sony A7III & ZEISS Loxia 2/50 – f/11, 1/100sec, ISO100, raw
Photograph by Toni Ahvenainen

[Initiating the defrost sequence] … blip, blip, blip, blip ... Yes, you guessed it right: I'm bringing the Batis 2/40 CF blog back to life after couple of months! A nice surprise, but first I have to say it sure feels odd to 'return to the zone' again and in some ways this reminds me of a sequence from Star Wars where Han Solo gets defrosted from the carbonite (episode VI: Return of the Jedi - I hope you've watched your Star Wars). Though the good thing is that unlike Han Solo, I'm free from hibernation sickness and I can actually see with my eyes - meaning I can continue with the blog.

Why the sudden comeback, you might ask? Well, there are two reasons for defrosting the blog and bringing it back to life again. First of all, (1) when I ended the blog at the first time couple of months ago, I thought I had pretty much said everything about the Batis 2/40 CF I could, but to be honest, the blog was still kind of left 'hanging in the air'. There were no proper conclusion for my Batis-story because the lens had some issues and everyone (me included) was unsure  if they would be fixed. There was the issue with the Eye-AF and 'AF in Magnified view', meaning that the AF was not accurate enough when using these functions with the Sony A7 bodies. Then there were the controversial aperture behavior at close focus distances. To be precise, this was not an issue or a bug, but a design decision, which maintained the high image quality. ZEISS decided to change this behavior with the new firmware-update, but my blog had already reached the end before the update was available - and after 30 continuous days I felt I was pretty much out of good stories and could not have maintain the continuous flow longer. All in all, even though I finished my blog, it still felt as unfinished as the Batis 2/40 CF, which was in a kind of ‘a beta development stage’. Bringing the blog back to life gives me an opportunity to end it properly.

The second reason (2) for taking my blog back to life again is more of a coincidence really. You see, in a meanwhile I had an unfortunate accident and I managed to break my precious Batis 2/40 CF. Well, not me exactly but the kids who one day wiped it off from the table with unfortunate results. You can probably imagine my initial reaction when my still-very-new-and-pretty-costly lens got smashed by a two young hooligans with the age of 3 and 6 years old - well okay, my mother-in-law was actually pretty impressed how calmly I took it, even though I have to admit that some four-letter word slipped out of my mouth.

So, there I was with the broken Batis 2/40 CF. Otherwise it was fine but the lens wasn't recognized by the camera body anymore. So I had to ship it back to Oberkochen for a repair and I bet it was the first Batis 2/40 CF to return to ZEISS HQ for a such reason. But then this accident led me to an excellent idea: using my connections I inquired about the status of the new firmware and I was told it was ready, and only needed some work in collaboration with Sony for the installer. So, I pursued ZEISS to update my lens right there with the new firmware and in exchange I would open up my blog again and check out the new firmware in detail. A win-win situation for both parties! And to be honest, I've been using the new firmware for some days already, but finally I can talk about it.

So, within the next ten days I'm going to check out the new firmware and how it changes the lens functionality. I'm going to check out the Eye-AF, AF in Magnified view and all the other things like new aperture behavior, nonagons and such. As my blog has been carbonized for couple of months, this also gives me an excellent opportunity to tell you how I feel about the Batis 2/40 CF after few months of use. So, another ten days it is. Come back tomorrow and I'll tell you if ZEISS has managed to fix the dreaded Eye-AF issue.

Ps. If you haven’t yet downloaded the new firmwire for your Batis 2/40 CF, you can get it right here from the ZEISS web pages.